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The Shadow District thumbnail
The Shadow District eAudiobook
Arnaldur Indridason / Seán Barrett

A 90-year-old man is found dead in his bed smothered with his own pillow. On his desk the police fin..

The Story Keeper thumbnail
The Story Keeper eAudiobook
Anna Mazzola / Sarah Barron

Audrey Hart is on the Isle of Skye to collect the folk tales of the communities around her. It is 18..

A Book of Bones thumbnail
A Book of Bones eAudiobook
John Connolly / Jeff Harding

On a lonely moor in the northeast of England the body of a young woman is discovered near the site o..

The Big Chill thumbnail
The Big Chill eAudiobook
Doug Johnstone / Sarah Barron

Haunted by their past the Skelf women are hoping for a quieter life. But running both a funeral dire..

The Great Silence thumbnail
The Great Silence eAudiobook
Doug Johnstone / Sarah Barron

Keeping on top of the family funeral directors' and private-investigation businesses is no easy task..

Before the Storm thumbnail
Before the Storm eAudiobook
Alex Gray / Joe Dunlop

Inspector Daniel Kohi of the Zimbabwean police force returns home one night to find his family dead...

Where There is a Will thumbnail
Where There is a Will eAudiobook
Michel Vimal du Monteil / Lockie Chapman

A massive cyclone swell on Sydney's beaches claims a big-wave surfer leaving his long-term partner w..

Rings on Water thumbnail
Rings on Water eAudiobook
Madeleine Eskedahl / Toby Webster

A young woman is found dead at a local beach. Sergeant Bill Granger the local policeman is called in..

The Lucky Eight thumbnail
The Lucky Eight eAudiobook
Sheila Bugler / Claire Storey

When the plane crashed 160 people perished. Now someone is killing off the survivors. Five years ago..

The Excitements thumbnail
The Excitements eAudiobook
C.J. Wray / Karen Cass

Meet the Williamson sisters Britain's most treasured World War II veterans. Now in their 90s Josephi..

The Dog Sitter Detective Takes the Lead thumbnail
The Dog Sitter Detective Takes the Lead eAudiobook
Antony Johnston / Nicolette McKenzie

Dog sitter Gwinny Tuffel is staying on an ageing rock singer's houseboat in London's Little Venice l..

Vertigo thumbnail
Vertigo eAudiobook
Karen Herbert / Nicolette Chin

Frances a public servant struggles to come to terms with the disappearance of her colleague. While p..

The Bleeding thumbnail
The Bleeding eAudiobook
Johana Gustawsson / Stephanie Cannon Karen Cass Jessica Preddy

1899 Belle Époque Paris. Lucienne's two daughters are believed dead when her mansion burns to the g..

Roseland thumbnail
Roseland eAudiobook
Judy Finnigan / Jilly Bond

The summers spent at Roseland the sprawling ancestral home of her best friend Eloise were among the ..

The Dog Sitter Detective thumbnail
The Dog Sitter Detective eAudiobook
Antony Johnston / Nicolette McKenzie

Retired actress Guinevere 'Gwinny' Tuffel is finding life hard after inheriting her late father's ru..