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The Pillars of Rome thumbnail
The Pillars of Rome eAudiobook
Jack Ludlow / David Thorpe

Two boys appeal to the famed Roman oracle for a glimpse into their future and the Sybil draws an ome..

The Sword of Revenge thumbnail
The Sword of Revenge eAudiobook
Jack Ludlow / David Thorpe

Rome has lost its greatest warrior; Aulus Cornelius is dead. Although he is hailed as a hero the bet..

The Gods of War thumbnail
The Gods of War eAudiobook
Jack Ludlow / David Thorpe

Lucius Falerius is dead and Rome in its entirety mourns the passing of its most powerful senator. It..

Son of Blood thumbnail
Son of Blood eAudiobook
Jack Ludlow / David Thorpe

11th century Italy. The domination of the Normans is causing trouble. At their head is the feared Ro..

Soldier of Crusade thumbnail
Soldier of Crusade eAudiobook
Jack Ludlow / David Thorpe

1096. The Pope has called for a crusade to free Jerusalem and half the warriors of Europe have respo..

Prince of Legend thumbnail
Prince of Legend eAudiobook
Jack Ludlow / David Thorpe

Thanks to the stratagems of Bohemund de Hauteville leader of the Apulian Normans the Crusade has tak..

Barbed Wire And Cherry Blossoms thumbnail
Barbed Wire And Cherry Blossoms eAudiobook
Anita Heiss / Kathryn Hartman

August 1944: Over a thousand Japanese soldiers attempt to break out of a prisoner of war compound ne..

Melting Moments thumbnail
Melting Moments eAudiobook
Anna Goldsworthy / Olivia Beardsley

It is 1941. Eighteen-year-old Ruby leaves behind the family farm her serious mother and roguish fath..

Eternal thumbnail
Eternal eAudiobook
Lisa Scottoline / Mark Meadows

Elisabetta a feisty beauty who dreams of becoming a novelist Marco the brash and athletic son of pro..

The Girl from Portofino thumbnail
The Girl from Portofino eAudiobook
Siobhan Daiko / Patience Tomlinson Lizzie Attlee

When Gina Bianchi returns to the beautiful Italian resort of Portofino to attend her father's funera..

The Girl From Venice thumbnail
The Girl From Venice eAudiobook
Siobhan Daiko / Julia Franklin Claire Storey

1943 Lidia De Angelis has kept a low profile since Mussolini's laws wrenched her from her childhood ..

Twenty-Eight Pounds Ten Shillings thumbnail
Twenty-Eight Pounds Ten Shillings eAudiobook
Tony Fairweather / Ben Onwukwe

After World War Two England was on her knees so the call went out to the British Empire for voluntee..

Warrior thumbnail
Warrior eAudiobook
Simon Scarrow; T.J. Andrews / Jonathan Keeble

The Romans invaded Britannia in AD 43 confident of victory. They swept through a divided and ill-equ..

Cassandra thumbnail
Cassandra eAudiobook
Linda O'Byrne / Helen Stern

Many years have passed since the dramatic events of Pride and Prejudice. In The Cousins of Pemberley..

The Lost Daughters of Ukraine thumbnail
The Lost Daughters of Ukraine eAudiobook
Erin Litteken / Laurel Lefkow

A story of the strength of the human spirit the personal cost of conflict and how love can be found ..